Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun Stuff - Week #7

Watch this Video: Otronicon
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All right, I think it is time we took a look at the lighter side of Web 2.0. Have some fun this week!

TraincoDid you make the New Year’s resolution? You know the one about loosing a few pounds? I think you look great, but if you feel you need too……take a look at Trainco for some help.

Dogster and Catster – Are you a fan of Man’s best friend or more of a feline affection ado? Ying or yang, here is one for the pet lovers. Sorry, I haven't found a site for reptiles or amphibians, but I am sure that you can!

Blufr Think of Trivia Pursuit only a little different.

ChuggedThe website for beer lovers.

Bottletalk – If beer lovers can have their own site, so can wine lovers.

The Puzzle Player – Here is a place to do the Sunday crossword puzzle without the hassle of that newspaper thing getting black ink all over everything. What, more of a Sudduko fan? Well, you can find it here as well.

eXplore – Play with the applications!!! Create accounts and have fun!

Share – Create a blog entry and tell us what you liked. Did you do the Adventure quest? What did you find?

Adventure – Research your favorite hobby. Is there a Web 2.0 application for you out there? Need a refresher on just what qualifies as a Web 2.0 app? Check out the glossary. This is a bunny hill challenge.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Library Thing - Week #6

Watch this video: Why I Love the Libary
Listen to this podcast: Week 6

In the Web 2.0 world, social networking** refers to a website that allows users to create their own profile and share information about themselves with the web community. People gather at specific sites, or are drawn to specific sites for many different reasons. Some, like Myspace, started as a place for indie musicians to gather and post info about their music and gigs. As we saw, seemingly, the whole world took notice and decided to join the fray. Believe it or not, there are social networking sites for book lovers and library lovers, and in this week’s activities, we will explore some of them.

Another Web 2.0 trend is the blending technologies together to create new tools or applications. This process is called a mashup. An example of a mashup might be the blending of a real estate multiple listing service (MLS) with Google Maps. The result is a searchable listing of houses that are displayed, interactively, on a map. Check it out here: http://www.propsmart.com/ Enter your zip code to see houses for sale in your neighborhood . Click the smiling face to see the house info. Open a specific house and click the satellite button to see the house from space. Zoom in or out by clicking the + and – buttons.

Here are three more mashups to explore:

Learn 2.0 Map of the World - here is a Google map that lists all of the libraries in the world that are doing a version of Learn 2.0. Use the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out. Did you find us?

MotorMapUSA - maybe you have always dreamed of owning that red convertible sports car, well, choose your dream car from the list and click how far you willing to travel and see who is selling your future baby.

Wikimapia – part user editable wiki, part Google Map. This mashup lets you identify specific places on earth. Why? Hmmm….good question.

eXplore – Explore library apps: Library Thing; Book Mooch; Elf; Guru Library; Shelfari; What Should I Read Next?

Share – Share your favorite library technology in your blog. It could be something here at OCLS or something you have seen at another library. If you are having trouble, write about your favorite Web 2.0 library application. Link and share any cool applications not mentioned here. If you did the Adventure exercise, how might this info be helpful?

Adventure – Explore Del.icio.us and PopUrls

**Note: The social networking link above contains a very technical description of social networking. Please explore at a depth for which you are comfortable.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Play Week - Week #5

Listen to this podcast: Week 5

Watch this video: Tuesday Morning Rush – Here is the description: “Cambridge economists rush for library books on the last day of Easter Term 2002/003” How does this compare to your Tuesday morning rush?

This is an official exploration week. As such, I won’t introduce any new material so you can get a little play time with the things that we have covered. If you are a late joiner or if life has jumped in the way of your learning, this is a catch up week. Go!

eXplore – Play time – search, explore, fiddle, find, fool around, visit or revisit anything that we have covered so far.

Share – Verbally share your experiences with someone at your location.

Adventure – Can’t get enough? Ok! Create a Meez avatar and insert it into your blog. This is a moderately challenging task, Disclaimer: I have created an avatar, but I haven’t got it into my blog yet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Web 2.0 Defined - Week #4

Watch this video: Web2.0 Double click the right arrow to start.
(link shamelessly borrowed from the Orange Slices Blog.)
Listen to this podcast: Week 4

What is Web 2.0? Think of the Hippy movement of the 1960’s, but in a digital age. Remember the song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” …..” Now add “And share and collaborate, and create, ….in perfect harmony”. In its’ first creation, the web mainly took existing information and moved it to the Internet. Yes, you could look up movie show times and high school friends and search for books on Amazon or buy that favorite childhood toy on Ebay. Most of that stuff you could do without the web. Remember newspapers and classified ads? The magic of Web 2.0 is the power of individuals to create and share – globally! Time Magazine summed it up best in the article: Your Web, Your Way

Time came back in late December and named You, the Person of the Year:

“But look at 2006 through a different lens and you'll see another story, one that isn't about conflict or great men. It's a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before. It's about the cosmic compendium of knowledge Wikipedia and the million-channel people's network YouTube and the online metropolis MySpace. It's about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes. “

How did those kids sell their video website for 1.65 Billion Dollars? Meet the “kids” and read their story in Time Magazine article: YouTube Gurus . (this is a looong article, read until you are full, but not painfully full!) You have to wonder – “Why didn’t I think of that”?

Videoblogs: did you catch the statistic in Time's Your Web, Your Way article that Video Ninja has more viewers than the Comedy Channel's The Daily Show? (Click the OK button if you are prompted to run an active X control. Plug your earphones in and turn your sense of humor up to 11. The corn factor is high, but there is a message and it is pretty good)
How about LonelyGirl15? Have you read about her? LonelyGirl is the brain child of two college students that hired an actor to play LonelyGirl. She is a fictitious character with a Youtube account. Did you catch that - she is a character, ala James Bond, that has a Youtube account. They have created an interactive web based video show that encourages the audience to email characters and help develop the show’s scripts. Do you think the big three networks are ready to have you and I help write the next script for any of the new fall programs? Where would Magnum PI be right now if we could have only helped him figure out who Robin Masters really was? This potential for interactivity is so cool! (scroll down to article: SXSW: Lonelygirl15 is alive and well) Can you see the future where actors are CGI based special effects that are interactive with the "audience"? Does the term audience even apply anymore? Here is an interesting article from MSNBC on 5/9. Why do you think less people are watching TV? Web 2.0? TV Viewers are Vanishing

Web 2.0 isn’t just about video; it encompasses all things digital; music, art, poetry and the written word. Web 2.0 blends you the user and you the content generator with technology that opens up the world. Where do you think Jim Morrison would have gone with Web 2.0? What about Kurt Cobain?

eXplore –Visit
Myspace and search for OCLS. Visit Youtube and search for OCLS. Check out the videos. Go to SEOmoz and browse through the categories and award winners – explore at least three of the award winning websites.

Share – Blog about your experience with Web 2.0 applications. If you are stuck, think about the application that you liked best and tell us why. Did you share the program with anyone? Were you surprised to find an OCLS presence on Myspace or Youtube? What did you think of the Web 2.0 video? (note: I have watched it at least 10 times and I am still finding new meanings. It is a very powerful piece of art.)

Adventure – Create a ToEat entry for a restaurant near your branch. Unfortunately, you won't be able to tag it with OCLS, but you could write a SHORT review and mention OCLS somehow. Be creative!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Finding Information - Week #3

Watch these VideosEpisode 2 Episode 3
Listen to this podcast: Week 3

Learning Styles - Just as each of us are unique individuals, we also have unique ways in which we prefer to receive information. Scientists call these preferences our learning styles. Have you ever thought about how you like to learn? Some (like me) are visual learners. We like to learn from reading or watching something. Other folks are auditory learners. They learn best by listening, or hearing. Do you know someone that can play a song after hearing it a few times? Another learning style is tactile - involving the hands. These are the folks that like to grab a hold of their learning (bad pun, I couldn't resist!!) Tactile learners use their hands to help them learn. Many Tactile learners make great mechanics. The last group is the kinesthetic learners. One of my daughters has a preference for kinesthetic styled learning. She is constantly on the move; she wants to learn by doing something or being physically involved in the learning process. Think about your learning style as we look at some technology.

RSS - Real Simple Syndication. You may have heard the term before, but did you know what the letters stood for? RSS is a powerful tool that can help bring information to you. Take a look at Alan November's article on RSS.

Wikis – Wikis are much like blogs except that all visitors have the ability to add, edit or delete information. Seems sort of weird doesn’t it? The goal is to use a wiki to create a collaborative piece of knowledge. If all of mankind is separated by 6 degrees, well then, all of man’s knowledge is only 6 separations away. Not so silly is it? Take a look at Wikipedia and search for your own piece of profound wisdom.

How do these topics connect? As an alternative to just googling information, you can search information or have information come to you in formats that cater to your preferred learning style. Try the following activities to see.

eXplorers - Go to Bloglines and create a free account. Once your account is created, add at least 5 RSS feeds to your account. Make sure that one of them is from OCLS. (Hint: Mary Anne Hodel has a monthly blog as well as the Southwest Branch, Orange Slices and Techno Teens Live) Need help? Review Alan November’s article on RSS, he takes you through the process step by step.
Two more tasks - search Grokker for the topic of your choice. Once your results are displayed, click the Map View tab. (visual learners will rejoice!)

Share - In your blog, create an entry that reflects on what you searched for and what you found. If you are stuck, you can use these questions to help start you out: Did Grokker’s grouping of search results help you? What sites did you select for your RSS reader? What is your learning style preference? Is Learn 2.0 working with or against your learning preference? Remember to take a moment and share your thoughts and comments on someone else’s blog.

Adventures - (remember this is an OPTIONAL activity) Follow the tutorial on Yahoo Pipes and create a Pipe and share it. This is a difficult challenge and may take an additional 20-30 minutes of time.